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Managing Panic Attacks

June 21st, 2017

Over anxiety causes panic attacks. However, there is no need to panic, about panic attacks. Many people having over anxiety do not know about such kind of attack. When one feels so much scared and so much anxious about a matter or becomes over excited for any reason, then his body undergoes several changes, like experiencing shortness of breath, increasing heart beat, sudden dizziness, pain in chest, having so much perspiration for getting too hot, shivering due to getting cold and a feeling of choked throat and so on. Even, children can also suffer from panic attack. To manage anxiety and stress in kids, parents should visit a child psychologist.anxiety attack

Controlling panic attack is essential because over anxiety affects your health. There are many ways to control anxiety and in turn panic attacks, and one of such ways is to opt for Gold Coast counselling services. To view more about counselling services for anxiety attacks please visit 

Here are some more tips to manage anxiety and panic attacks:Try to take hold on your breathing- Breathing is the sign of life. When over anxiety captivates one’s mind then he starts breathing fast. It is the primary stage of panic attack. So, to control the attack, you need to try to take hold on fast breathing, and then there will be less chance of such attack. It’s all about practice. Keep your hands on your chest (i.e. on heart) and now try to draw breath from your heart space. While you have succeeded to draw breath from heart space then try to take respiration in a rhythm of six seconds in and six seconds out. Now, you can feel that the problem of fast breathing has gone away and you will feel better.Capitulate yourself within that coming panic-When you feel warned about some coming danger, then it is better to capitulate yourself within it instead of having anxiety and taking tension. Anxiety or panic takes place because of our fear in accepting the coming situation. Instead of getting scared we can try to surrender under the coming situation and try to think, “Whatever comes I can cope up. There is nothing to worry.” Only then we can control our anxiety and emotions. Therefore, the chances of panic attack will minimise. Make a connection with the Earth- When you are feeling that anxiety is captivating you slowly, try to go barefoot and make a connection with the Earth. Cover yourself with a blanket- Although this is a kind of escapism and does not provide any long term protection, but most of the people feel safe by covering their whole body with a blanket. So, you can try this too.